The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

  • Getting Married? 5 Reasons To Have A Romantic Song Written For Your Big Day

    If you're getting married, now's the time to decide on a gift. Your wedding should be a special day. That means you should give your fiance a gift that shows how special they are to you. If you want to go beyond the generic gifts, it's time to talk to a songwriter. You might not know this, but you can hire a songwriter to create a romantic song for your special day.

  • Home Music: Tips For Helping Your Child Make The Most Of Online Music Lessons

    There are many reasons parents decide to sign their kids up for online music lessons with one of the most common reasons being the convenience to work on lessons when it suits your schedule. However, as wonderful as convenience is for busy families it can also be a roadblock to learning if not managed wisely. Following a few tips will help your child make the most of music lessons at home.

  • Planning Your Wedding? Why Book A Tropical Island Wedding Band

    If you're planning your wedding, and you want to pick the perfect music, now's the time to book a tropical band. If you don't think a tropical band is right for your wedding, you might want to rethink that. Tropical bands are a great addition to just about any wedding. But, they're especially great when you want to set the right tone for your wedding. Read the list provided below. You'll find four great reasons to book a tropical band for your wedding.

  • Beginners Shouldn't Shortchange Technique Practice For Learning Songs

    Everyone who's ever started guitar lessons wants to start learning songs right away. That's the whole point, right? So, it's not a popular opinion to suggest that new guitar students shouldn't begin by learning songs. It does, however, seem like the correct approach. They should focus on learning technique instead. Practicing technique exercises teach the student how to play the guitar, not simply how to play a song. This is far more important in the beginning than learning a song or a couple of riffs.

  • Be Prepared For Your Music Video Shoot

    If you want to make a professional music video, you'll need the help of an experienced video production company. You should try to find one that's produced music videos in the past and can show you examples of their work. That way, you'll know the level of quality to expect.  It's not the job of the video production company to write your treatment for you. They may help with certain things (likely with an added fee) like scouting extras, locations, etc.

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The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

In a month, my husband and I will celebrate our eleventh wedding anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married for so many years. One of my favorite aspects about our wedding ceremony was the music. I selected two country tunes and a religious song to be sung at our wedding. A couple from my dad’s church sang the religious song beautifully while my cousin’s husband sang one of the country song’s perfectly. I sang the other country song to my groom. On this blog, I hope you will discover some tips for picking the perfect musical selections for an upcoming, important event. Enjoy!