The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

Be Prepared For Your Music Video Shoot

by Samantha Meyer

If you want to make a professional music video, you'll need the help of an experienced video production company. You should try to find one that's produced music videos in the past and can show you examples of their work. That way, you'll know the level of quality to expect. 

It's not the job of the video production company to write your treatment for you. They may help with certain things (likely with an added fee) like scouting extras, locations, etc., but there's no guarantee. It's always best for you to go into the process with a reasonable budget, a general treatment for the video, location arrangements, volunteers to be extras, and clear expectations that you can discuss with the music video production company. 

Have a Realistic Budget 

Suppose you're only willing to pay an unreasonably low rate for music video production services. In that case, you can't expect to get a high-quality final product—or anyone willing to work with you for that matter. If you've put a lot of hard work into making a great song, you should save until you can afford a video that will do it justice. You don't have to go broke over it, but you should have a realistic budget if you want your video to succeed. 

A General Treatment

If your idea for your music video isn't overly complex, there's no need to write an in-depth treatment that outlines every detail. You'll be fine as long as it adequately covers the different shots and scenes you want. The production company will help turn your vague ideas into a finished music video. 

Ideas for Locations

When you shoot your music video, you'll need to have locations lined up. Whether you'll be shooting guerrilla-style or paying for locations, you should have a list of places prepared and a few backup ideas on standby. The music video production company may also have some spots available that they've used in the past. 

Actors and Extras

Music videos with only one actor are no fun. It can also make a video appear amateurish. You can improve the complexity and quality of your music video just by having a few of your friends appear in it. 

You should confirm with anyone who's supposed to appear in your music video that they're definitely going to be there. It can ruin an entire day of shooting if no one shows up. The video production company might be able to help you find extras if you're having issues.

Specific Expectations

The most important thing to remember when working with a music video production company is to state your expectations clearly. Don't let miscommunication cause you unnecessary grief. Be clear about what you want, and the production company will do everything they can to make it happen.


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The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

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