The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

Does Your Child Want Piano Lessons?

by Samantha Meyer

Does your son or daughter play the piano every chance he or she gets? Maybe a friend taught your child how to play a simple song on the piano and he or she sounds pretty good when you listen to him or her play it. If your child truly wants to learn how to play the piano well, from arranging for piano lessons to arranging for piano repair services on a used piano, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For Piano Lessons - Do you already have a piano teacher in mind? Maybe the same one that teaches your child's friend? If so, obviously you'll need to find out if the instructor is willing to take on a new student. Meet with the teacher before you make any commitments. Get a feel for how well that instructor will interact with your child. 

If you don't already know of a piano teacher, consider enrolling your child in a program at a music school where your child will have both group learning sessions and individual learning sessions. If your bank account can handle it, find out if there is a break in price if you pay for an entire year's worth of lessons all at once. 

Arrange To Buy A Piano - When your child first plays the piano, you might be able to rent a piano that he or she can use in your own home. If you see that your child is serious about playing the piano, if he or she consistently practices and if you see that playing the piano makes your child happy, then you will more than likely want to buy a piano instead of just renting one. 

Of course, it would be wonderful to walk into a piano store and be able to buy an expensive grand piano. In the real world, though, you might be looking for a less expensive piano which might have been previously owned. Don't worry if it the piano is not in like-new condition. Piano repair services can do everything from refinishing the wood on the piano to making sure the keys are in good working order. The foot pedals will be polished and the piano will be tuned properly. Consider making arrangements for the piano to be tuned every several months. The same repair service you used initially will more than likely be happy to continue to service your piano.

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The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

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