The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

Skills And Experience That Can Help You Work In Music Tour Road Management

by Samantha Meyer

If you love music and travel — but aren't much of a musician yourself — you might wish to explore the career of working as a music tour road manager. Whether you're just doing this job for some friends who have started a band or you've decided to find an educational course that will teach you the ropes, it's useful to think about the skills and experience that you possess before you go down this road. Working as a tour road manager can be challenging and the long hours, time away from home and frequent need for managing crises mean that this job isn't for everyone. If these factors don't daunt you, however, you might be perfectly suited for this role. Here are some skills and experience to think about.

Dealing With Varied Personalities

It's ideal if you have some experience in a managerial role, as you'll need to be able to handle a group of people — many of whom have varied personalities. A tour manager is responsible for getting the band to the gig on time, above all else, which means that you'll need to occasionally be forceful to make sure timelines are kept. Some of the artists won't give you trouble, but others might need to be pushed along the way; you'll want to be ready to do so.

Thinking Of A "Plan B"

Many different things can go wrong on a music tour, whether it's a flat tire on the van carrying you to the gig or gear that is stolen from the venue after soundcheck. To be a tour manager, you'll need to think of a "Plan B" quickly. People will turn to you to know what to do when an unexpected crisis occurs, and you'll be counted upon to provide the answer. Although you'll refine this ability through experience, it's helpful to be a quick thinker and not afraid to try something new.

Working In Less-Than-Optimal Surroundings

You should be the type of person who can get things done regardless of your surroundings. For example, you might need to be having multiple conversations via text message at the same time, or having a phone call while you're stopped briefly at a rest stop on the interstate. Successful music tour managers are those who can work in any type of environment; if you need a desk and a quiet space, this likely isn't a career choice for you.

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The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

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