The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

6 Benefits Of Piano Lessons For Children

by Samantha Meyer

If you are a parent, you may be considering piano lessons for your child. There is usually a cost associated with the lessons, but good musical training is priceless. Here are a few benefits of piano lessons for children:

Strong Musical Foundation

If your child learns piano, he or she can easily learn additional instruments. Basic knowledge of sheet music and rhythm are foundational to musical training and are both taught during piano lessons. Your young student may start out with the piano and go on to learn the guitar, flute, or saxophone.

Stress Relief

Even though your child is young, he or she still encounters stress. Expectations at school coupled with peer pressure can all add to a child's anxiety level. Music is soothing and is known to have beneficial effects on blood pressure. In fact, one study suggests that soft music played in a clinical setting helps to ease patient anxiety. When your child listens to soft piano music as he or she practices, he or she may experience a similar reduction in blood pressure and stress.

Helps Child Overcome Stage Fright

Piano recitals help your child practice performing in public. If your child has suffered from stage fright in the past, the recitals can help him or her become confident enough to stand before crowds without being overcome by fear. 

Improves Coordination

As children grow, their coordination improves. However, good coordination sometimes takes practice. Piano playing requires a child to use both hands while looking at sheet music. Hands and fingers must move in tandem to play the music that the eyes are seeing. The resulting improvement in coordination can also help your child with other activities, such as sports.

Increases Confidence

Learning to do something well can make a child feel confident and special. As your child becomes a better pianist, he or she will be rewarded by compliments. The praise of others can help boost your youngster's confidence.

Support of Musical Talent

If your child has already displayed signs of musical talent, allowing him or her to take piano lessons can provide the tools your child needs to progress musically. Alicia Keys began piano lessons when she was seven, and her debut album won five Grammy awards.

Piano lessons can provide your child with confidence and skills that can be used in other areas of life. It's best to start your child early so that he or she will have a strong musical foundation; so don't procrastinate. Contact a piano teacher in your area to enroll your child in piano lessons today.


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The Perfect Music for a Wedding Ceremony

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